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1 year ago
You need a shocker wand and shock the hell out of her tits (and her pussy) ?️️?️?
1 year ago
Now this is hot! More like this please.
jack 2 years ago
it would have been more exciting to see the girl first being undressed, in the deep basement, before being tied up. See her kidnapper take off her clothes and underwear (bra, briefs, tights and shoes), Also see her struggling in vain to prevent this.
Alastar 6 years ago
Nice but I Did not like the tools-clamps for v area and tits they did not look sexy but painfull and it was cruel overall.
John 3 years ago
Liked the video very much.these are true bdsm videos
Johnnygee 7 years ago
A nice piece of meat to screw, should have bound those tits much harder
Mark 6 years ago
This is brutal stuff and as others have said, at times almost too much. But it is definitely watchable, and her mastutbating her clit while he fucks her, makes it slightly ambiguous!
sympathetic Dom 6 years ago
She's beautiful. I wish she didn't have to do the clamps those look too painful also I wish there was more of a struggle between her and her captor
MARIANA 6 years ago
Sadist fucking idiot
1 year ago
I'd love for someone to OWN me like that!